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  • Based on an iconic vintage design the Roadster is our signature style. The simple design of the Roadster makes it suitable for all occasions whether its for tearing around country lanes on your motorbike or socialising with your friends. As with many of our styles we have developed the Roadster pattern for the 21st century wearer whilst maintaing the classic vintage design, we may use traditional manufacturing processes as the solid foundation of constructing our jackets but we are very much aware and appreciate the more discerning customer needs fuctionality, comfort and durability.

    The Roadster has a trim shape, tapered sleeves, higher armhole, well fitting shoulders and the body tapering slightly to the waist. Featuring a single point top back yoke, buckle side adjusters, two front pockets lined in heavy cotton and one zipped chest pocket.

    The sleeve incorporates a traditional cuff. Lining storm cuffs do not come as standard but can be added as an option. The Roadster looks great in all leathers, Horween, Clayton chrome or veg tan or any of the leathers we stock so it is down to personal preference. Lining and zip options available, if unsure on leather, lining or zip options then please ask we are more than happy to advise.

    NOTE: We request your measurements for all our jackets so we can select the best size for you from our standard size range. Sleeve and Body length can be adjusted if required.

    Due to the nature of the natural raw materials we use and the traditional method of manufacture we employ it is not always possible to meet exact measurement requirements. The products we build are not designed to be tailored like a suit, they will after a "break in" period soften and mold to the shape of your own body, our jackets are built to be worn. We do not use a production line system or have racks of jackets ready to ship, each and every jacket is made to order, individually handcrafted here in Scotland by one of our specialists.

    Bespoke patterns can be created if preferred, please contact us direct with specifications for a full quote.
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    1. Place the tape under your armpits and across chest
    2. Place the tape around your navel area
    3. Measure straight across from left to right
    4. Place tape at the centre of the neck (neck bone) and measure down for your desired length
    5. Keep your arm relaxed by your side and measure from the point of shoulder down the outside of the arm to just above the knuckles.