Measurement Information Needed

Step One - full chest and full naval measurements collected from body when wearing what will be worn under your jacket or vest;



Step Two - collect measurements from good fitting jackets you have already so that we can compare your 'ideal' measurements for your Simmons Bilt against our standard sizes and email you if any pattern alterations would be needed

Use pictures below to check measurements against a jacket that you already have and are happy with the fit of, make sure you zip or button the jacket up, lay it on a flat surface with no folds and would like your new jacket to be similar to;

1. Shoulders: Straight across from one shoulder to the other, not up over the neck.

2. Back: Start from the base of the collar or where the knobbly bone sticks out on your neck, straight down to where the jacket ends or where you would like it to end. 

3. Pit to Pit: Jacket zipped or buttoned, laid flat and measure at the edge of the jacket just under one arm hole straight over the edge of the jacket at the other arm hole.

4. Naval: start at the level where your belly/naval area is at one side and go straight over to the other side

5. Bottom hem: At the very bottom of the jacket straight across from one side to the other.

6. Sleeve: Starting at the end of the shoulder, straight down the outer side of the sleeve to the end of the cuff.