Every Simmons Bilt jacket is an individual creation, constructed by our craftsmen and women here in Moffat, Scotland.

The leathers we use to recreate the all-time vintage classics of the 1920's to 1960's are the highest quality available.

As leather is a natural product, no two hides are identical, so once your order has been received and confirmed we carefully select the hides required to construct your jacket to ensure consistency of grain and thickness. We use only the best part of the hides, quality is our priority at Simmons Bilt....not quantity.

Once the hides have been selected our cutters carefully position each segment of the pattern on the hide and manually begin the process of cutting out the individual panels of your jacket. Any alteration requests are applied at this point. Your chosen lining is processed using the same techniques.

The cutting process now complete, the cutter hands your jacket to your designated craftsman or woman, who will construct your jacket from start to finish, our jackets are not created using any production line techniques.

Using a traditional walking foot machine your jacket is meticulously constructed using the best thread available, applying sewing techniques that ensure your jacket will last you a lifetime, look better with wear and a masterpiece to hand down to the grandkids.

Once complete, your new Simmons Bilt jacket is once again checked for quality and packed ready for dispatch.