Type C-3 Vest

Price displayed on website excludes surcharges for premium leathers and linings as well as any custom options or pattern alterations all of which will be quoted and invoiced separately by the sales team, for further information please email info@simmonsbilt.com

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  • Sheepskins
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  • We initially produced the Type C-3 waistcoat, first introduced in 1936 and designed to be worn as an undergarment, as an authentic recreation of the original. However we receive many requests for the C-3 with various custom additions such as applying a pocket, different back, neck and panel configurations, upgraded zipper and many more which we are happy to accommodate to ensure it is a more functional waistcoat for our customers.

    Due to the nature of the natural raw materials we use and the traditional method of manufacture we employ it is not always possible to meet exact measurement requirements. The products we build are not designed to be tailored like a suit, they will after a "break in" period soften and mold to the shape of your own body, our jackets are built to be worn. We do not use a production line system or have racks of jackets ready to ship, each and every jacket is made to order, individually handcrafted here in Scotland by one of our specialists.

    Bespoke patterns can be created if preferred, please contact us direct with specifications for a full quote.
    • Aviator sheepskin 15mm
    • Aviator sheepskin 18mm + £50
    • Aviator sheepskin 22mm + £50
    • Seal brown 15mm
    • Seal brown 18mm + £50
    • Redskin 15mm
    • Redskin 22mm + £50
    • Black/Black 15mm
    • Black/White fur 18mm + £50
    1. Place the tape under your armpits and across chest
    2. Place the tape around your navel area
    3. Measure straight across from left to right
    4. Place tape at the centre of the neck (neck bone) and measure down for your desired length
    5. Keep your arm relaxed by your side and measure from the point of shoulder down the outside of the arm to just above the knuckles.